Privacy Statement

At Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre we take your privacy seriously, that is why we DO NOT store your medical records/information on this website. Only your name, email address, and a hash of your password (not your password) are stored on this site and are only used for login and communication purposes by Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

Registering and Login

As stated above you can register and login on to this website in order to access our patient intake form (data collected by this form is not handled/stored on this website) and online appointment booking calendar. The registration is very simple as it only asks for a user name, email address, and password. The bare minimum of information that is required to log into the website.

A valid email address that you can access will be required. You will not be able to log into the site until you have ‘validated’ the email address by selecting the link that will be sent upon completion of the registration. The validation serves to make sure that the user can access messages sent from this website (check your ‘junk’ folders) and prevent bots from accessing our site via bogus logins.

Please do not use any passwords that you have used anywhere else, data breaches can and do happen. Even though we do not store your password on our website, a data breach on one service/website will compromise every other service/website (including this one) that has the same password.

Online Communications

An email has next to no security thus we recommend using our Contact Form for online communication. For your convenience, our contact form also allows attaching images or documents to send to us.

This form even though it is way more secure than email and every effort is made that your data is kept private. Data entered into this form may be temporarily stored on the website server/database until successfully sent to the recipient. We use encryption throughout the website and communication process, however, we still have to state that nothing is absolutely bulletproof when it comes to internet security.