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Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre of Canada

Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre of Canada offers residents of Thunder Bay, Ontario the latest technology in the non-surgical treatment of back pain, neck pain, sciatica, chronic headaches or migraine headaches, weight loss.

Our commitment to offering the highest quality of care resulted in the addition of the FDA approved Spinal Decompression technology for the treatment of back pain due to: Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Pinched Nerve, Sciatica (leg pain), Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), Spinal Stenosis, Post-Surgical Pain.

In the past, a patient suffering from disc problems was usually prescribed pain medication, instructed to refrain from physical activities; or was referred for physical therapy. When healing wasn’t effective or successful, they became a candidate for spinal surgery.
Conservative chiropractic care proved helpful in many cases; however there have been cases where surgery seemed to be the only other option… until now.
With advances in chiropractic care, you don’t have to live with pain anymore.
Spinal Decompression Therapy not only significantly reduces pain in many patients, but also enables the majority of patients to return to a full active lifestyle



Visiting a chiropractor for care in Thunder Bay, Ontario may help speed your return to optimal health. At Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre of Canada, patients are our top priority. We are committed to your health and wellness. Dr. Pustina would be happy to discuss your concerns and explain how he may be able to reduce any pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. Your therapy will be personalized to meet your individual needs.
As you make your way through the healing process, Dr. Pustina will revise your care plan to deliver the most benefit to you throughout your ongoing treatments.

If you are ready to have your life back, be pain-free, and live your life to its potential, Spinal Health and Rehabilitation Centre of Canada is ready to assist you. To request your initial consultation with Dr. Pustina, call  (807) 767 7000 to get started.


Advanced Services



Peripheral neuropathy can be a result of damage to the nerves often causing weakness, pain, numbness, tingling, and most debilitating balance problems.



Treat chronic back pain without surgery. The DRX9000 treats herniated discs or bulging discs, and degenerative disc disease.



Eight out of ten Canadians will experience back and spine pain at some point in their lives. For many people, the pain can keep them from work, school, or from keeping up with their busy lives. Early treatment from a chiropractor can help get you back on your feet.



What is CHIROTHIN Canada
– A Health Canada Approved spray formula to aid in reducing body fat while conserving muscle
– Easy to follow program for patients and easy implementation for doctors
– Safe effective results for all ages
– Healthy Lifestyle Changing Program
– A program that teaches correct portion sizes
– Teaches you how to eat a healthy low inflammatory diet
– Is not a hormone-based diet
– It’s not a fad diet

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Myths & Acts

One of the myths surrounding chiropractic is the idea that a chiropractor “cracks” your back. Here’s the real deal

Myth “Chiropractic treatment involves cracking my spine.”


One part of chiropractic treatment involves applying quick, precise pressure to the joint, which creates a cracking or a popping noise.  This is called an adjustment.

The popping noise doesn’t come from your bones, but from the release of a gas bubble when tow joints are separated.  This is just like when you pop your knuckles, or you scrunch up your toes first thing in the morning.

Myth "No one should use so much pressure on my spine….. That can’t be right."


The adjustment does not involve a great deal of force.  Skill, positioning, speed, and timing are more important than force.

Myth “I heard that cracking your joints can cause arthritis.”


There is no reason to think there is a connection.  In fact, an adjustment increases mobility, reduces pressure on the joints, muscles, and nerves, and allows the spine to return to a natural position.

Anna's Story

This is the story of a young woman with neck pain.
Learn how we turned her life around and got her back to work in 4 weeks


Want to Get Healthy?

Why not start with your nutrition?


Thank you both so much for helping me take the control back in my life.

The weight loss encouragement and exercise program were the starting point.  The best program for me is the Peripheral Neuropathy which has made it possible for me to once more be more active and happier.  For a while I did not think I would ever be mobile enough to do many everyday things that everyone takes granted.  It is wonderful being able to shop again, or just walk and stand for more than 1-2 minutes. I am 80% improved.

Thanks for everything.




I went to Dr. Mike on the advice of a family friend.   I had been to physiotherapy which had little to no effect on my lower back pain.  I had been on bed rest for 3 weeks before being assessed by Dr. Mike and was a candidate for the Spinal Decompression program.

Because of Dr. Mike and Sandy’s excellent care, I have been given a new lease on life.

Thank you Dr. Mike and Sandy!!

Ricardo Pavao

Ricardo Pavao

Dear Sandy and Dr. Pustina:


I am thankful for your care and concern in helping me regain my quality of life.  I want to express my thanks for all the hurdles I have put you through, and it “ain’t over yet”.  The new year is my new horizon of great optimism appreciating your untiring efforts.  I really appreciate the honestly of Dr. Pustina as I have seen several chiropractors over the years and never had any improvement.  Thank you for the friendship that you extended to me.  Your centre is a great source of inspiration and healing for all of us.

Much love and gratitude,

Louise Beazley

Louise Beazley

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Diane's Story

After having a traumatic accident Diane’s feet never really recovered.
She had trouble sleeping and had an even harder time walking.
At first, she spoke to a doctor but was only recommended medication for her pain.
After a while, she decided to come and visit us. within a few months, we had her back walking and feeling great.